Franklin tech firm plans 50 hires, eyes new building

Originally published in the Nashville Business Journal

By Joel Stinnett

A Franklin-based tech company that specializes in health care is planning to expand its services to new industries — and it’s looking for more employees, and more space, to do so.

3-D Technology, which provides network design, compliance and security for health systems and clinics, moved its headquarters to Franklin from Illinois in 2014 to be closer to its client base. At the time, the company had 45 employees and $15 million in annual revenue.

Today, 3-D Technology is forecasting 2018 revenue of close to four times that, CEO Chris Martinez said, with a workforce that has grown to 155 employees. The company plans to hire another 50 by year’s end.

Martinez said 3-D, which counts the top five for-profit hospital systems and the two largest nonprofit health systems as clients, has been successful because of its deep knowledge of health care. He said 3-D employees are trained on how to interact with doctors and clinicians. Martinez himself worked in health care for 20 years before becoming CEO last year.

“We’ve grown because of our name getting out there as health care experts,” Martinez said. “It hasn’t been by knocking on doors with our account executives, it’s been word of mouth.”

A large part of 3-D’s business is helping health systems that are buying or selling hospitals switch the facility’s network to match the new owner’s. Martinez said it’s a delicate process that must account for the privacy of patient data while not interrupting hospital operations.

The company, which has worked in 400 hospitals and more than 5,000 clinics, also maintains patient-transfer connections for hospital systems, providing 24-hour support for networks that track patients’ movement between hospitals.

Martinez said those types of projects allow the company to maintain long-term relationships and sustain its growth.

“We don’t do what I call one-and-done type projects,” Martinez said. “All of our clients, we develop programs around them.”