3-D Technology is an extension of your team.

We are full-service IT professionals offering custom solutions and staffing. Drawing from decades of experience, we architect and implement tailored systems to support your staff and customers. Our unique combination of talent, tools and collaboration allows us to address critical IT challenges. We design innovative, cost-effective solutions, so you can adopt new technology, manage logistics and remain 100 percent compliant with ease.

Specialty programs include:

Define, Design, Deploy Program

The staple program with a customized solution for any project or overall program.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Fully migrate users and their devices from one environment to a new one. This service is typically required when a client has acquired an organization or business unit, and those new users and devices need to be migrated to the existing client domain.


Transition system ownership from one client to another successfully. This can include but is not limited to the management of system connectivity, data transition, gracefully disconnecting client connectivity, and firewall rules. 

New Construction

From a technology perspective, the planning phase of any new building or facility is critical. This also includes successfully implementing the entire infrastructure for that facility.

Technology Rollouts and Refresh

Planning, resourcing, reporting and overall deployment execution services for large device counts at various locations. This may include the replacement of existing devices to a newer model, including standard desktop, PACS, and wired and wireless network devices. Once deployment is complete, the user will be able to function as required.

Data Center

Data center solutions can include migrations, consolidations or new construction that is built around storage, computing, virtualization and backup.

Cloud and Managed Services

Customize a solution around a cloud or managed service environment. This may include design and implementation of a public, private or hybrid cloud solution, as well as an array of managed services, depending on the environment.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Ensuring the network infrastructure supports a growing community as new devices are incorporated into the network.